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It's Your Voice 

It's Your Voice is a talk show style podcast. I decided to do the talk show because I love to talk about current issues. I love to hear other peoples opinions about the issues. I love to hear other point of views. As I always say " I know what I'm thinking. I wanna hear what you think.  "It's Your Voice". 

Join us live on Tuesdays at 8:30 pm EST on FB on the

Alicia Reygn Page. I wanna know what you're thinking. 

Season 3 Coming soon

To watch season 1 and 2 join the Alicia Reygn FB page. I'd love to know what you think!

It's Your Voice

Talk Show

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It's Your Voice

May 14 2019

Would you want to be your mom. We always talk about the men. We are not perfect. Our Special Guest is author Cassandra Philips

It's Your Voice

May 28th 2019

While you judging me who is judging you. Special Guest Dr Green PHD

It's Your Voice

June 4th 2019

We's Married now! Are people getting married anymore. Special Guest Ms. Tracy Lang