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      At the Wave is an educational children's play that teaches the early physics of sound  with singing dancing and lots of fun. It teaches about the four elements of sound - frequency, timbre, duration and amplitude. Children will also learn about vibrations, matter and much more….

The characters in the play are exciting and very relatable which makes it easy for children to learn. The songs in the play are easily sung and easily remembered.

The Characters are:

Ampii -(Amplitude) - A very colorful and fun character. Amplitude is how loud or soft the sound is. She has a remote that controls how loud or soft she is. People may feel it is a handicap, she feels she’s just special.

Frequency (The Rocker)-Frequency is how high or low the sound is or the pitch of a sound. He’s a famous rocker, Ampii’s brother. He loves his guitar and is always ready to perform.

Miss Wave (The Diva of Sound)- She’s owns Club Wave. She is also in control. In her club sound waves can hang around as much as they want.

Coco Star (The Manager of Club Wave) She helps Miss Wave keep everything in order!

Speedy (The Postman of Sound)-He delivers the sound waves. He knows everything about sound.

Echo-(Famous Singer)- an echo happens when a sound hits a solid that is too thick and it cannot pass through. It bounces off.

Decibel- (Famous Rapper)- Decibel is the measurement of the sound. So, a soft sound could be 5 decibels where in loud sound can be 100 decibels.

Through singing and dancing the cast is able to teach the children all the basics of the Science of sound.

Why can’t science be fun? After viewing this performance that question will be answered. The answer is that it can be! It’s fun AT THE WAVE!!

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Sound Through Music

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Sound Through Music

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A Scene  from At The Wave

Club Wave Party Live

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Meet me At The Wave

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The At The Wave soundtrack

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Alicia Reygn Songwriter

These songs are all my babies. I wrote them and took them to the best producers at my disposal. They gave me exactly what I wanted. Meet the Producers of the the At The Wave  soundtrack!

Perry Mcneil

Main producer of the At The Wave soundtrack. Band leader of Deja Blu, plays several instruments, studio engineer, singer and songwriter. Often called the Maurice White of Brooklyn. He also does all the editing, camera work and green screening on our TV Show "Meet Me AT The Wave"  

Patrick Adams

I was so excited to have Patrick Adams producing songs for the At The Wave soundtrack. He has  32 platinum records, and various awards. It was an honor to work with him.

Nobel Music

The Decibel Track produced by Head producer Arthur BW Washington