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Alicia "Reygn" Patterson

As an artist, Reygn is a singer songwriter that crosses all boundaries of music. She’s prides herself in being a versatile artist and producer. She has worked with many top veteran producers and artist as a singer and songwriter. As an artist, she’s traveled the world singing various types of music. From Hip Hop with KRS One to Doo Wop with the Platers and a lot in between she feels it all. As well as performing she is also a playwright and TV producer of a children’s show called “Meet Me At The Wave” that is a recurring weekly series on television in NYC. She also is very interested in world issues. Because of this she started her podcast "It's Your Voice:" that is shown weekly on all her social media. In the words of the producer Patrick Adams, Reygn is an old soul that seems to have experienced it all. Her versatility is what makes her different and her talent is what identifies her as artist.


Singer, songwriting, vocal coaching, vocal arranging, performance training, video editing, social media advertising, stage manager, Director, screenwriter, play-write. artist development

Alicia Reygn Producer

The Decibel Intro

Working with the kids on set is so cool. The security is not playin


When you get endorsements about a show you wrote and produced, there is now greater honor. Thanks Rakim